Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sept. 7, 2010..Tuesday

To my faithful followers,...i am sorry that i have not been faithful in blogging. Since school has started I feel like i barely have time to breathe. God has been faithful to help me though.

Matthew started back to SNU and seems to be enjoying it much more than last semester. I am grateful for that. He deserves a good year. He seems to have made great friends with the golf team and i really am happy for that. Had his first tournament today....he said he did awful. But for others it would be awesome. He is a lot like John....he is hard on himself.

Hannah is still the bubbling girl she has always been. She is a senior this year...I heard somebody once say...when you have a senior just start unloading that wallet.....wow, there is money going everywhere. We did have her sr pics taken....they were adorable. It is going to be hard to choose from. But then again...money!! She is having the time of her life, during this last year of high school. I know that graduation is going to be hard for me..but i think, though it will be happy for her...i think she will be very sad that daddy could not be there with her. But, i will not borrow trouble from tomorrow.....

Isaac is doing okay. He just struggles so much in school. He refuses to admit it which makes it hard for anyone to help him. His hardest subject is Algebra, and Mrs. Cagle is trying her best. He is still very argumentative...everyone keeps telling me that it is his anger.....I just need him to be more agreeable.

Rachel is my happy baby. She makes life happier for me. She is doing well is school. She has been involved in softball and that keeps us hopping. She has a fun time with her friends and that helps get her through many days.

None of them have been to the cemetary. That hurts me so much. But, i don't mention it, they say they will do it in their time.

I am getting out more. A co-teacher and i are starting to do things together. It is nice to get out and about again. It took a little bit, i felt guilty. But that has now passed and i enjoy getting out. Matthew was angry at first. He didn't want me going out. Didn't understand why i wanted to. I told him that,as golf was his outlet, my friend is mine,. He seemed to really back down with understanding.

I am doing alright. Really doing well i think. I still have my days...both good and bad. But God has been very faithful to me.

My prayer requests are for the kids. Heal their hurts, their pain. Help them in school....with their work and make wise decisions.

Help me to make wise decisions...concerning the kids, financing, and other decisons i have to make everyday.

Thanks for your prayers,



Anonymous said...

Hope you have a good week.
Love and Prayers.

Anonymous said...

Still praying for you, and the kids, sounds like you are keeping very busy. Pat Mc