Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Dec 3, 2010

Your comments moved me this morning. The prayers and support are what i needed to see this morning. I cried through my shower....i just needed to read those.

I have a sick feeling in my stomach all the time. Just like i did the laswt time. It won't go away; I think it is just my know.

I was reading facebook this morning and someone said it was someting like 2 weeks before christmas break and I actually got sick to the point of throwing up. I just dread it.

Friends, there is no life in this house. And I wish I had some life to put it in, to make it, but I can't even put life in it. It is no wonder the kids want to go places all the time.....

Pray that my stomach will allow me to eat. Hannah isnt eating well and she saw me not eating. She told me I needed to eat. I said if you eat I will eat. Neither of us ate. It feels like my stomach is tied into knots all the time. My mind is constantly racing.

Well....time to put on the mask and go to work.

Pray for us. Anything you know to pray about...pray.


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