Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday May 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Darling. I love you.

This is where...when my kids are hurting, wishing their daddy Happy Birthday, that I start asking questions again. I start questioning God. I start asking about that scripture that says, "Ask anything ........" .


Anonymous said...

Father, you are with Saun, Matthew, Hannah, Issac and Rachel today. You know the heartache they feel today. You know the anguish and anger that lingers to consume them. Jesus you know everything about them. They have more questions then answers and on this day, wonderful God, their hurt is stronger, their anger more powerful and their anguish more tangible. But just as you knew about the circumstance that would bring them to this day, you knew this day would come, too. Lord, you have promised us that you would bring comfort, but how, Lord, how can we find comfort in today - of all days? Father, Father! I bring this precious family to your throne today. I pray for you to heavily pour yourself out. May you presence cover them like a blanket. Lord, your mercies are neverending. You strength more powerful than we can imagine. Lord, bring laughter to this day. For though we grieve the loss of John, we know that he is celebrating a new birth today. He is without pain. He is no longer consumed in the weight of this world. Remind this precious family of the joys that John found on this earth and may they press forward today in celebration of his life - simply by doing the things that John, himself, enjoyed. Lord, we don't have answers. We don't understand! But we know we can trust you. We know that you are there in the darkness. We know that you are their in the storm. Lord, please be with this wonderful family today.

Anonymous said...

The prayer posted it beautiful. Praying for you and the family today. Pat Mc.

Anonymous said...

These lyrics were written by Steven Curtis Chapman after the loss of his daughter in a terrible accident in their driveway.

"Who are you God? Cause You are turning out to be so much different than I imagined.

And where are You God? Cause I am finding life to be so much harder than I had planned.

You know that I'm afraid to ask these questions, but You know they are there, and if You know my heart the way I believe You do, You know that I believe in You.

But still I have these questions. Like how could You, God?

How could you be so good and strong, and make a world that can be so painful.

And where were you God? I know You had to be right there. I know You never turn Your head.

You know that I am confused by all this mystery. You know I get afraid, but if You know my heart as completely as I trust You do, oh, You know that I am trusting you.

So is it true that for every tear I cry, You cry a thousand more? As You weep with those who weep.

Are You just holding back from crushing all the pain and evil in this world for reasons we just can't understand for now?

But isn't there a day of redemption coming? Come quickly Lord.

So who am I God? That You would raise me from the dust and breathe Your life and Your love into me. You know that I believe."

Hope these lyrics help in some way.

Love and prayers today, this Mother's Day, and always,

Teresa H.

Anonymous said...

I had to get on your blog - knowing today was your husband's birthday. You are on my mind and in my prayers. So are the kids. Love,