Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday, May 26 2010

Who would have dreamed that I would wish that I had to go to work today? Yeah, not me either. I am scared of summer.

John and I were off all summer as well as the kids. So the kids could be off and doing their thing and John and I would do ours. Ride bikes, work on the house, or just sitting and enjoying one anothers company. I am terrified that I will find myself alone....with my thoughts....which will just be horrible.

I have given the summer to the Lord. I should not worry. But...I am a worrier. Pray that my time wiill be taken up with Friends and things that I can find to do.

I have been worrying about this for a while. But on the 25th of May, in my devotional book Jesus Calling, I read this...and reworded it as if it were coming from my own mouth.....
I will turn from my problem to your Presence and my load is immediately lighter. My circumstances do not change, but you carry the burden with me. My compulsion to fis everything gives way to a deep satisfying connection with you. Together, YOU and I can handle whatever this day brings our way.

You know...I know a lot of you may feel this can read it, and re-read it...can believe it....but have a hard time living it. That is where I am right now in my thoughts of summer. I know I am probably worrying for nothing. But, I have to keep returning my focus on His Presence. I have learned that when I take my focus from His Presence...things, or rather I, start to fall apart.

I am going to try and sit down and make out a responsibility list for my kids. Pray that the Lord would help me and guide my thoughts. Pray that the kids are accepting of it. I just cannot do it all.

Pray for us.



Anonymous said...


I am praying for you today! Just a suggestion...instead of a chore chart, write all the responsibilities, one by one, on large wooden sticks (like what docs use in the office to exam throats) and place in a can. Each day YOU AND THE KIDS must each take a stick/chore out of the can...have another can for putting the complete chores in. Some chores may be daily, some chores may be weekly, or monthly, etc. Daily chores must be returned into the chore can only if completed. Once the chore can is empty start over. The chore can also be used for discipline...if discipline is required he/she must take out an additional chore. You can also add a few sticks that simply say grace...which means from time to time you or one of the kids may rec'v grace and not have to do a chore...or the kids may avoid being punished. This is a great way for us to learn that God's grace is many times undeserved and unexpected. You can design the chores to fit your needs and make changes as needed. It works!!!! We love you!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and the children that this summer will bring you all peace and rest.