Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15, Saturday a.m.

After I finished my devotions this morning I was thinking over my week and thought only of how it was definitely a week of learning for me. Learning from the Lord, learning from my experiences. Being taught.

As Pastor challenged us to do, I have been saying the Lord's Prayer 3x daily. It is amazing, how you really can be in constant communion with our Lord. When I set my mind to remembering to say the Prayer, I found myself thinking of it, and its implication, and Him almost every minute! It definitely drew me closer to Him.

I found myself wanting to find out how I could become closer to Him even yet, how I can become more perfect in Him, more pleasing to Him. So, I began searching. I found myself going to the Jewish rituals, customs and traditions. They are God's chosen people. Why? What and how did they live that God chose them.

Now, some of you may be laughing...because you know the understand all that. But, for me...this is all new. I have never really studied the Bible. I have read it, time and again...but studying it is a different thing. My sister and I believed that if we could learn more about these people, that we could incorporate some of their rituals, traditions, and customs into our more modern become more like Christ wants us to be.

We (she) found a website that I am loving. It is called Hebrew4christians. It helps us understand why they did what they did. But the most amazing thing to me, was that they took the Lord's Pastor is doing....line for line...and explains it to you. I am finding some rich lessons in this Prayer. I am so anxious to get back to church to hear more of what the Pastor says. To put together what he says with what this website says and learn understand more.

The Hebrews use scripture daily and for everything they do. Now, why not me? Why can I not do that? They have a custom of putting a scripture above their doorways. I thought how much I love the scripture. I trust God's word. I want it to surround and be in my house. So, I am going to do that. They have a little tube-like thing that they use. But I am just going to type up a scripture for each of the doorways of my home, a promise if you will, for each person that enters that doorway. I am going to search the scriptures for one that applies to each of my children, letting the Lord lead me to the one that He knows should be prayed for them. As I enter that door, I will repeat that prayer. I am going to show it to my kids, and ask them to do the same.

To them, to you, this may sound strange. But this is what God wants of me. To surround my home with Him, and with His word.

Another thing I am going to each bathroom, on the mirror, I am going to post the Lord's Prayer....and even after we leave this sermon series, I am going to ask my children to read it every morning and I will continue saying it 3x a day. As they begin to grow, and understand, I am going to request the same of them.

Did you know that the Jews have a prayer for pretty much everything they do in a day? How awesome is that? But, the most amazing thing. They do make sure they pray at least 3x a day. Do you know what their first prayer of the morning is: yep....The Lord's Prayer.

It is becoming more and more interesting to me. I only wonder why we as Christians, have taken some of what they did and do, out of our religion, our beliefs? It can do no harm. God is continually a part of their lives, through prayer, traditions, customs.

Don't get me wrong...I know their beliefs. All I am saying can it hurt to take some of their customs, rituals and traditions and apply them to our lives. How can that hurt when all it does is put God in the Center of our lives daily.

I am becoming richer in Christ. Fuller in Christ. I believe he will use this to make me more of what he wants me to be. A better mother, a better friend. I have asked him to break me, mold me, fill me and use me. As I become more of what He wants me to be, it opens the door wide open for Him to use me.

I am excited. I have a brighter future because of all He is teaching me.

My devotions this week have applied to my life so much. For instance, a song that came to me while having devotions one morning...and I ended up singing it most of the day (along with the Prayer) was "In Christ Alone":

In Christ alone, I place my trust and find my glory in the Power of the Cross. In every victory, let it be said of Source of Strength, my Source of Hope is CHRIS ALONE!!!!

As I wrote these words in my journal, I thought, "Wow! How true that is of my life recently!" My trust lies wholly on Him. And every victory I have had, every one today, everyone in the future, was, is and will be Christ alone!!! I have NO power, but Christs. I have NO hope...but in Christ.

My kids are doing great. Matthew is really becoming the man I believe God wants Him to be. John would be so proud of Him. He is trying to make right choices, trying to be an example to his siblings. I also believe, he is trying to find the Lord. Trying to make heads and tails of this life he finds himself in. Searching for answers. Pray for him.

Hannah, bless her. I think she is one confused little girl. She has finally come to the place where I think she is trying to find herself. We have had our share of talks. But I know she is confused. Pray that the Lord will give her wisdom. That she will find Him. That she will open her heart to Him.

Isaac is doing better. He is just such a strong willed child. God is helping me deal better with him. I am learning to walk away. He still thinks I am always out to get him, and that I am always unfair. He is never wrong...I am never right. It is that age...I know. But I am praying that the Lord would just give him a desire to be obedient. I think when he begins to be obedient to me...then all else will begin to fall into place.

Rach is doing well. I thought she would be the one that would share her feelings with me. But I am finding she shares more on facebook and with her friends than me!!! That is okay. However she needs to get it out is okay by me. I just pray that God will draw up close to her and comfort her. Give her peace and understanding. She is the one that stands out to me of the one that God has a mighty plan for. I don't know why. Oh, I know he has a plan for all of them. But for reasons unknown, I just feel like she is going to great things!!!

Pray that God will Bless my children. I read somewhere that we need to continually ask God to bless them daily. We don't even need to be specific. God knows what they need....and he will Bless them with that need.

I know this has been long. Thank you for sitting through it and reading it. But I told you it has been a week of learning for me. And I just wanted to share it. God is good. He is faithful.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for being there..sharing my fears, pains, joys etc...thanks for not forgetting me/us.



Anonymous said...

Not forgetting, still praying for all of you. Pat Mc.

Anonymous said...

I'm not forgetting either. You truly inspire me, Saundra. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Aren't the beliefs of the Jewish people fascinating? If you really think about it, the same prayers you are praying, are the prayers the Christ himself prayed. Hope you have a good weekend, I know they can be painful for you.
Love and Prayers.

Anonymous said...

If your intrested, there is a study caled "feast". We have it at Lifeway where I work. it's written by a messionic Jew and is about the high holy days or feasts the Jews celebrate. I taught the class in Sunday school with our youth but I learned soooo much. Come by if you want & I'll show it to you. Since our youth own the DVDs you may be able to borrow them to watch. It even has recipes for sabbath meal in it! Praying for you all daily. My daughter Ally enjoyed going to the memorial with you & Issac. Message me on facebook or call up the the store if your intrested. Blessings..

Jennifer Bellah

Anonymous said...

Saun (sb)

Have a good day and week!

missd said...

Hey you and the kids are not forgotten, you still come to mind throughout the week and I pray for ya'll. I have prayed for their protection for many years, even before the tragic accident. I pray for people whenever the Lord brings them to my mind.
BTW, I think we sent that card to the wrong address way back, and it was returned wrong address. Well, Aurora and I really care about your family, and she loved Mr. G, but she doesn't want to try to resend it. She said she really talks to Rachel more on Facebook than at school or church:)
Hope you have another good week.

BTW, Aurora wanted to be in Honors English but was surprised when her Math teacher just asked her to be in 7th grade Honors Math class!! She never liked Math as much as this year:)

Jenna said...

no one could forget you.