Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 10, Thursday

This week has been a difficult week. But, God has certainly carried I and the kids through it.

It has been a lonely week for me. The kids, involved with Basketball camps, and vbs, and Matthew at work, left me alone every morning. I realized how alone I was. Being alone....meant my mind the past...which led me to sadness. Had to get over that hurdle. A hurdle it was. It took me several day, a lot of Bible reading, a lot of praying. I learned a lot these last few days.

Then Matthew came to me Sunday morning and showed me that he had quite a lump on the right side of his chest. It was pretty evident when i looked at it. So, we showed it to Marilyn Sunday at noon and she suggested seeing Dr. Brown. We made an appointment and went to see him Tuesday morning. He gave us several things it could be and sent Matthew out to the Oklahoma Breast Care center for an ultra sound.
His appointment was Tuesday with Dr. Brown, his appointment at the clinic on Thursday. I had to ask the Lord for patience. And I began praying for Matthew.

It was funny that Wednesday morning when I got up for devotions, turned my music on and there was a song about faith. Not only that...all my Bible reading was about Faith....and my devotions were about Faith! I knew then that God was asking me to have more faith. My faith needed to grow. So my prayer began that God would increase my faith. It is just so hard when it involves your you already know! But, it made me pray all the more for faith and for Matthew.

We went in this morning for his ultra sound. When he went in he came back out and said they had done a mammogram. I (we) didn't even know they were going to do one of those, so that threw me! They did see something on the mammogram so they took him back for an ultra sound.

Praise the Lord....he has what they call gynecomastia. They gave me a paper on it...and this is what it says:

Gynecomastia often occurs at puberty. Gynecomastia may result when the hormones begin to fluctuate between the ages of 11 and 17. ...(it also says that there is an adult gynecomastia....The enlargement may start in one breast and then include the other Bilateral is usually the symptom of a hormonal imbalance, medications or underlying disease but is not related to cancer of the breast.

There is a lot more to be said about it...but I just needed to hear that it wasn't related to cancer. Dr. Brown had mentioned that it could be the medications he is on for depression. So, when I read this and remembered what Dr. Brown had said I was immediately calmed. They will send the results to Dr. Brown and he will decide what to do next. Usually they dissolve on their own, but it could take up to or more than 2 years. If they are too big, or uncomfortable, they can be removed. Medications may need to be changed also. So, we will see what Dr. Brown suggests for Matthew. But, I am praising the Lord that that is all it is.

Isaac has been listening to less than desirable music. Has been for a while. I have, as you know, been praying especially for him. In need of a friend....bending of his will to the Lord's etc. Well, we were out alone together and I talked to him about his music. Course he declared all the reasons that it was okay. Then I said, "What if Jesus...." He interrupted me and said (with a smile), "Oh, I hate this question". When I asked if Jesus was there would he give him his earphones and let him listen. He smiled and then told me that Yes he would. Then we both yea, whatever.

I went out to Lincoln to take Matthew dinner and his meds. On my way, Isaac called and said, "Mommy, I deleted all those songs off that are not good songs." I was so happy! What an answer to prayer. I didn't have to fight him, I didn't have to argue my point. I believe God spoke to a very tender heart.

This morning when I went in to wake him for vbs, I almost cried. There, laying beside him on his bed...was his open Bible. He had been reading it before he fell asleep last night. I was so happy. I believe God is doing something so incredible that we will be surprised. Though we shouldn't be because God is faithful. But it will be fun to stand back, keep praying...and watch what God will do!

We had been having trouble with Hannah's truck since last week. Jay, bless his heart, had tried everything he knew what to do. He called Eric Lang from Christian Brothers and he said to take it in. We did on Monday. I got a call on Tuesday and it had been fixed. And...they did it all free. I want to thank them on here and anytime I get a chance. For allowing God to use their business for his glory. You know they advertise on their company car that they are doing it for God's Glory. It is nice to know that there are some businesses that stand up to what they say. I do want to give them thanks, but I also want to thank the Lord for using His faithful followers, and calling on them to help me.

So, it has been an incredible week. Both lonely and sad, but happy and grateful. To the people who are sensitive to the Lords spirit and voice and to the Lord, for taking care of me just as he promises he will do.

My prayer would remain for Isaac. Pray that God bring him a friend that would be available to him. That have the same things in common and enjoy being with Isaac.

Pray for Matthew a car. He is driving the Explorer for most of the time because it is much safer for him to drive it to work than the Saturn. But, at the same time I am not too sure about me to drive it either! So, the cheaper thing to do would be to get an older car, but reliable for him to drive. So, pray that somehow, some way, through Christ, it will work out.

Pray for each of my kids to experience God. I pray that they will be blessed with His salvation.

Bless each of you that read this and pray for us. I am praying for you also. It is the prayers of His people that have put me where I am today. Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Praise God the news today from the scan were no possible cancer. God is Good. Praying for you and the kids. Pat Mc

Jenna said...

that's so amazing that Isaac deleted the music. i remember a time in high school when i had a CD that was not appropriate & my mom heard it. when i came home from school one day she had broken it into about 20 pieces.. i was livid. thinking about it now.. she did what she had to [even though i was very angry with her]. so be thankful he didn't put you through what i put my mom through over some rap CD.

still praying. haven't forgotten. :]

Eliza Kate Designs said...

Just wanted you to know that even though I haven'[t left a comment in some time, I have not forgotten and am praying for you and you kids whenever it comes to mind.

Krystin Morris