Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 8, 2010....Thursday

Wow..thanks for your prayers and comments. I appreciate them...each and everyone.

Well, I was continuing to worry...which I have come to believe and see (from people who are not even tackling a task like mine....) that there are worries to every trip. Mine is just magnified because of all the circumstances.

But, God came in his sweet way this morning during my devotions and gave me a little saying for me to use during this time...during the trip. But I want to share the devotion with you. It is so rich. It comes from the devotional book..Dear Jesus by Sarah Young. It is written in prayer if I am praying the words...then God gives his reply. Sometimes it is right today.

This one is entitled...My Grace is sufficient for you, but it is sufficient for ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Dear Jesus,
I desperately need to learn how to live in the present moment. My mind so easily slips into the future, where worries abound. I ALSO spend way too much time analyzing the things in the PAST. Meanwhile, splendors of the present moment parade before me and I am too preoccupied to notice. My problem is to strive for self-sufficiency. Help me learn to rest in Your sufficiency, depending on You more and more.

BELOVED, you need My grace in order to live in the present.....Do you really believe My grace is sufficient for you? If so, then it makes sense to stop your anxious striving.

My grace is indeed sufficient for every situation you will EVER encounter. However, you must learn to receive My provisions by looking to Me continually.

Each day you face a number of situations requiring My help. Moment by moment, I proffer to you the needed assistance. Your part is to recognize your neediness and receive what I offer. My Presence is with you ALWAYS, providing everything you need. Don't worry about tomorrow's needs. My sufficiency is for one day at a time----TODAY!!!!!

..But He said to me, :My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."

...Those who look to him are radiant....

....And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus....

....Therefore do no worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.....

WOW! I was moved. I was scolded. I have not dwelt on this! His Grace is sufficient.

Whenever God reveals something to me (and this is nothing new to me...I have heard this scripture since I can remember....but it means something more to me now) I like to try to think of a way to remember it throughout the apply it when I need it...or when I have a quiet moment to again reflect on it. So...I am remembering this today....

His Grace is sufficient....
His Grace...
On my face!!! (the scripture above Psalm 34:5..says "those that look to him are radiant") what a witness I
can be!

I wept as I was revealed this. Didn't have anyone to share it I came to you. I was so excited.

Continue to pray for me/us. I know we will have a good time. I am still somewhat afraid...but.....His Grace IS sufficient. He will provide as I need.

I am taking my computer and hope to post while I am away. Just to keep my faithful readers informed and to let you know of any prayer requests.

Don't forget to pray. I am coveting them on this trip....all the time!



Anonymous said...

Dear Saundra,
That was a very worthy study; I enjoyed reading it, too. Have a super time with your children and we'll be praying for your safety.

Anonymous said...

His Grace IS sufficient! I am so glad you will be keeping us up on what you need us to pray, for you and the children while you are on this journey.
Go have a wonderful time, I will be praying for your safe travel. God is with you. Pat Mc.