Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Well, one day until vacation. Thank you for your prayers. The Lord has strengthen me, and I was reminded this morning to FOCUS on Him. The devotional said that when negative thoughts come to me to right away turn my focus on Him and talk to Him about about them. I am trying to do that whenever a negative thought of the trip comes to my mind.

My sister-in-law from Colorado has been here for the last couple of days. It has been so refreshing to have she and her two girls here with me. She has blessed me in ways she will probably never know. We had a great time of sharing yesterday morning while everyone was still in bed. It was good for me to go back and relive some things that I haven't been able to. We cried together, praised God together and rejoiced. She and her girls have been a reprieve from my everyday life. It has been wonderful. (mmmm, wonder if God managed to have her come right at this time, as I struggle with this trip, to let me get a glimpse of what I will feel on this trip? Joy? Calmness? Reprieve? Refreshed?mmmmmm could it be?) I don't think it was a coincidence?

Answers to prayers...Oh My Word! God has been faithful. I wish you could see the bond that is building between Isaac and Matthew. God's hand is all over it! When Matthew isn't at work....they are together! In fact...when he is at work...Isaac has sometimes gone with him! Last night...all the girls were doing things together...and of course I start fretting over what I would do with Isaac. When I got home to get everyone together for dinner...Isaac and Matthew were gone. I text Matthew.....he had Isaac at HIS friends house and was going to get him dinner! Isaac's Pal that I have been praying for....for this right here...I am convinced...and it is Matthew. I don't believe it is just for Isaac either....I believe it is for Matthew also. He loves being the Big Brother...I can tell.

Hannah and Rachel are starting to do things together more often. Hannah is actually starting to ask Rach to do things. Then other evening....Hannah pulled me aside and told me that she wanted to give Rach a surprise facial and foot soak. So Hannah and I went and bought a few of the necessities for such and they spent most of the evening in their bedroom with each other. I loved it. I was going to join them, but I think I was checked by the Lord.....THEY needed this time together. Haven't I been praying for this? So, I told them that next time we would all do it together. They have been wanting to go get pedicures. But, don't we all know what those cost. So I have told them that we will all just do each others sometime and make an evening for it.

Yesterday was the Bethany School Foundation Annual Golf Tournament. Matthew, Isaac, Jason, and Jay played as a group. As much as Isaac loves golf, he did not want to go when it came time yesterday morning. I had to physically get him out of bed. After he and Matthew left, I sat and talked with God about it. I believe it was this....John, Isaac and Matthew have played in this every year since the boys could play. I think Isaac could not come to grips with playing without John. I believe it with all my heart. So, I felt badly about making him get up. I went out later and he was a happy little boy. He had made an eagle on a hole (that is a good thing). He and Matthew both seemed to be having fun. Later, their team won the tournament. I thought "this is a good year for it to happen". I mean, they usually did win....but it was good that they win without John. You know what I mean? I hope that didn't sound awful. But I think it would have been a sad day for them had they not won. So, they all came home feeling very good. As though....A WIN FOR JOHN.

Well, please pray for traveling mercies for us. I have been praying for God to place a hedge of His angels around us, protecting us from our own carelessness on the road as well as others. I pray for His joy, peace, and contentment. I have also, and ask that you, pray for our minds to not think of John not being with us, but just to focus on the fun that we will be having. I know that is going to be the hard part for all of us. That John isn't there. Kind of like the golf tournament. He will be missed. But I don't want, and I pray, that that will not be our (especially the kids) focus. Please pray that way.

Well, computer is going in case now...well maybe tonight....and if I can get wi-fi anywhere....I will let you in on our trip. Pray for us....I covet them....



Anonymous said...

Praying for you and the children, a safe trip, praying that you will have a good time, know that this is what John would want for all of you, to be together having a good time. We all love you, waiting to hear from you. God is with you! Pat Mc

missd said...

Are you having fun yet? That is my prayer...

Anonymous said...

Saun (sb)

Have fun! Keep safe....


Anonymous said...

You can do this - I know it
Hey, you. Yep, you. The one feeling a little weary.
Carrying that load. Fighting this battle.

You're amazing, you know that? It's true.

And you can do this with Him. I know it. I feel it. Keep going.

It feels like your strength is small. But it's not. It's BIG.
World changing big.
Make-it-over-that-mountain big.
Big enough to do what you need to do.
Because your strength is as big as the GOD in you.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13

He sees you, loves you, will carry you through... and I'm cheering for you too.
- Holley Gerth, DaySpring Writer
Saundra I saw this and thought of you and your trip this week. Praying for you. Pat Mc