Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Well, today finds us in Peoria Illinois with my parents, my little sister and her twin boys, and my older sister and husband and son. We arrived early evening Friday. It was a long 6 hours from Branson. But we cut it up by stopping. Hannah got to drive for the last 1 hour. She loved that. I won't let her drive where heavy traffic is, and this part of the trip was very lonely on the she loved it.

Unfortunately, I have had little sleep since I have arrived here. On the way here Rachel complained of an ear ache. Friday night I was up most of the night, then around 3:00 I couldn't take it any more. So she and I made a trip, unknown to anyone else who was getting their beauty sleep, to the local Walgreens. I assumed that it was swimmers ear since that is pretty much all she did in Branson. So, I bought some swimmer's ear drops and some motrin. Came home, gave it to her, and since she was sleeping with me and still had little relieve, we tossed and turned most of the rest of the morning.

Saturday I kept putting the drops in her ear and giving her motrin. Last night it was the same thing....up all night. Then at breakfast, she wouldn't eat anything. She said she just didn't feel good and her ear hurt so bad. So my sister told me about a Med Quick place. Matthew and I took Rach there...unfortunately they are closed on Sundays.

My little sister Debbie works in a doctor's office, so she called one of her doctors and he prescribed amoxicillin and an ear drop. Well, all day today we have used the ear drops...and luckily we got 3 doses of the antibiotic in her. But, tonight we got ice cream and she couldn't even eat it...she said it hurt her ear...all the way through her jaw. So I called Marilyn and she said that she will probably have to see the dr before we leave. Since we plan to stop the night in St. Louis for a cardinals game....she needs to get some relief! I need some relief...especially when I think of the ride/drive home!

Everyone else is doing well though. It has been really relaxing here. We haven't done much...purposefully because I am exhausted. Maybe tomorrow.

Well, keep Rachel in your prayers. Keep me in your prayers. Keep us all in your prayers.


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You ALL continue in my prayers. Pat Mc