Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday, July 28, 2010

I woke the other morning with such a yearning that I can't get over it. I am praying about it. I only know one answer....God. But it is hard looking.....and waiting.....and feeling.

I woke the other morning with such a need to feel John's arms around me. He and I would just stand and hug. Just stand and hold each other. And I longed for that again. I long for that again.

That hug that says, "I love you more than anything.", the hug that tells me I am important, that hug that makes me feel secure, that I matter. That tight, "I'm never going to let go hug."

I don't want it from another man...that isn't what I am saying. No, no....I am in no way wanting that. But I need that feeling.

I am praying, and I ask that you do the same.....I know there isn't a person on the earth that can make me feel that way right now...only God is able. Would you please pray that I have that feeling from Him. That I will feel God's Hug. Oh, I need a tight one. Please pray with me.



Anonymous said...

Praying for that tight hug from our loving God, for you. Pat Mc

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel the strong, loving arms of God, and you never feel alone. He is always with you, both our Lord and John.
Love and Prayers.

Sister Chris said...

God hugs you in each sunrise and each sunset. In the gently and stormy rain. In the breezes you feel. In the arms of your kids. In the reading of His Word. And in each of these is wrapped up in eternity. Heaven. Where John is rejoicing and sending his hugs through God in the form of His creation. In the form of Jesus' arms outstretched. It may not feel sufficient when we want to feel it physically, but we are being hugged toward eternity.

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