Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday July 3, 2010

I think this week has been the best week I have had yet. Thank you Jesus!!! When I decided that I was going to accept my circumstance as God's Will, and he was going to make me more like Him through it, my days changed. They seemed more relaxed, more fun. I didn't dwell on the negative circumstances in my life...but the good...and what God is doing.

Isaac and I went to Lincoln Golf Course and ate lunch with Matthew Thursday. Then that afternoon Isaac played 18 holes of golf while I drove the cart. We had so much fun. We laughed and talked and talked and laughed. And I remembered then, that John and I used to talk about how, if John didn't make a one on one time with Isaac every once in a while, Isaac would become angry, sullen and disobedient. John would then take him out and do something out of the ordinary with him...and guess what? He would be a great kid again. We just decided that he needed that one on one time just to regroup...or whatever it was. But we came to realize that John would have to do that.

So, I guess that lays on me now! Because he has been so fun since Thursday. Very respectful and very happy. He has been fun to be around.

Friday, the girls and I just hung out with each other. We went to Pink Swirls and then to a movie Friday night. We had a great time together.

While we were doing that Matthew and Isaac entertained about 9 of Matthew's friends at our house. When the girls and I got home at 10 or so...there they were in our living room. Having a great time! It was so fun to see them all see matthew enjoying himself...and allowing Isaac to share in the fun.

It was all a blessing to me. And as I lay my head down to sleep I thanked the Lord. I thank Him, that life is becoming a little more normal. I just have to keep my focus on matter the circumstances. He is working all things for our good.

On a sad note....a very sad note..we had to put Boo our 3 year old cat to sleep. She had some kind of allergy that would have to be treated all her life. I knew I just couldn't afford that. I cried because Isaac considered her "his" cat. He slept with her a lot and was the only one that had a way to make her stay and sleep on his lap. She would not do that with anyone but him. As of yet, he doesn't know. I am having such a hard time telling him. While he is doing so well. He thinks she is still at the vet for tests. It breaks my heart. So, I am looking for a kitten I can get him. I have to replace it. I can't have him having these losses. I can't. I don't know how he will deal with it. Please pray for him...and me.

Pray for the new day...the new life..Christ has given us. We are all being made over into his image...and it is an adventure.....



Kari Moroz said...

This is a really beautiful blog post, Saundra. Seems like God is really lavishing his goodness and mercy on you and your precious children. I am so happy for you! He has proved faithful time and time again! What an awesome God we serve!

Anonymous said...

This is so great to read! I'm so happy that things are going well. :)

I'm really sorry about the cat though. I pray that Isaac will be okay about it.

Still praying for you!

missd said...

I love to hear good news and fun times with your family's new life.
I don't really like the poor kitty stuff. I have had to do that, but I took my kid up to the vet with me and one of her friends was with us...hope and pray he understands the cat was sick and wouldn't have had a happy life with the illness.