Monday, March 29, 2010

I Marchy 29, 2010

Ginger, first of all I want to tell you that Yes, your mind is jumbled. And it will be for some time to come. But it is typical for what we are going through! Honest! It has been proven. There are even days now when I can't think straight. My goodness, there was 2 months where I wouldn't make a decision because I knew I couldn't and wasn't thinking straight. It is normal.

Even today at work, I could sense that my mind was "jumbled" so as I was given a mission to do, I told the teacher telling me to please write down what she wanted me to do because I didn't think that I could remember it. Thankfully, she has worked with me long enough she knew right what I meant.

Now, to His word. My doctor said today that when he first saw me months ago that i was in pretty bad shape...but He can see how my faith, MY GOD, has carried me through. Find a scripture that speaks to your needs for this time and memorize it. When satan comes in and tries to destroy us even can speak God's word and he has to flea. Just as Jesus did. We can do it too.

I have some books I am going to have Sallye Siems bring over to you. They explain from day one what you will experience...and so far it has been right on. What has been helpful to me is to know what is to come....and that I am not going crazy.

My dear friends, thank you for all the wonderful comments about my family, and my wonderful husband. I sense a moving amongst our little family. A closeness is beginning. A binding is stating. Why should I be surprised.....didn't we pray for that?

Hannah went to both Isaac and Rachel's games tonight. Even sat on my lap during Rachel's. Matthew, Isaaac and Hannah and I sat and laughed with one another during Rachel's game. I sat there and thought "Wow, we are becoming a family again." While it is still hard. I think I may see the tip of a rainbow!!! Praise the Lord!!!!

Remember yesterday I told you that in Sunday School Dave challenged us to pray for a desire for the mission of God to save the lost and dying world. To be His witness. Well, I started praying that this morning...and don't ya know....I did long all day for a chance to tell someone about Jesus! I had two chances....a co worker and my doctor. I know that sounds lame, but to me it was very exciting. And, I didn't know what to say when the time did co me...but all I could say, was what God had done for me and where I was in my relationship to Him now. I so want that desire to grow deeper yet..

Matthew is showing more and more love towards all of us. I thank the Lord for that. Still pray for his golfing and his school work.

Pray for Hannah. That she will continue to open up, to want to be with realize that life goes on.
She is also struggling with track. Pray for her.

Pray for Isaac. He is struggling in school and in baseball. He just cannot hit the ball. My heart breaks for him. He can't hit it!!!! Please pray for him.

Pray for protection for all of us. It is at the moments when we are at the top of the mountain that satan tries to attack. But pray that God commands His Angels to care for each of us and protect us from the enemies arrows.

Thanks for reading...I love you all...


Anonymous said...

Saun (sb)

It's nice to see you upbeat again. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Wow, good post! I could sense the change in the tenor of the post and even had to laugh when I read he had to flea LOL. I would not correct your spelling, but I think right now you can even sense that laughter is a good thing.I am so glad to read this, I am about to get off work and it made my not so good day much better!!! However still prayin.....Jeff Adams-Enid

Anonymous said...

Saundra, it's so encouraging to hear good news from you!! I pray it just continues to get better and better and that you all grow closer and closer! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Saundra!
This weekend- I went out of town and couldn't find your number anywhere (after I told you I would call). I knew you had been having such a difficult time. I felt bad that I couldn't help you...but I knew God would.AND HE DID! Like He always does. God is with You and your kids. He is molding you to be even more than you ever thought possible. I praise God to see you are being able to help others now! I praise God who draws close to the broken hearted and they find He is more than they could hope for as they work through their pain with Him.

I am praying for Ginger to hold and ad discover how faithful God is through all circumstances.

Love you and glad you don't need me because you have Him!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for bringing the books by. I was so touched by your courage to come to my house. My husband said that was not easy for you. So, it means more than you know. I don't know if I could of been that brave. My husband & I had been praying for an angel to come and minister to me, because I had been crying all day. Not long after we prayed that you showed up. Thank you so much your thoughtfullness! Ginger