Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sat. March 20, 2010

Well, once again, and I shouldn't be surprised, God is faithful. He brought all my babies home safely to me yesterday. Yes, it was hard not to worry. But I want to work so hard on moving forward in my faith and trust in God. I went to the grocery store (BFL--which I hate...but had to do some banking anyway), and was Skyping with my sister quite a bit yesterday. The day went by pretty swiftly....not by coincidence either. He knew I needed it my faith grew.

Had an interesting thing happen yesterday though. I tan....well am just was one of those things that I just couldn't do....I used to start in Feb....but just couldn't''t this time, anyway....went to my tanning place that I have went to for the past 3 years. Towards the end of last summer, I think they had a staff turnover or something, because I noticed a few new faces. Anyway, one of those new faces was at the desk when I walked in. We said our hello's, then I had to register. I couldn't remember...which happens a lot nowadays...what plan I was on last year. I asked her if she could look it up on the computer and she agreed. She asked for my name, and I told her. She turned toward the computer, then stopped, took a breath, and said, "Can I ask you a question?" I knew what was coming. She said, "Are you the Mrs. Griffis that lost her husband a little while back?" I began to cry...just can't help it....and I said, "Yes, that is me." She reached across and took my hands and said, "I am so sorry." Then she began to tell me what she knew. She told me that she was talking to her cousin, who had heard 'all around town' about this man....who....(I'm not going to go into that all know anyway), and she told me how sad it was for her. Then, she told me what a great man he was according to her cousin and the papers, and the talk around town. Then she said, "I went to BHS, my principal was a Griffis, is he any relation?" I said that he was John's dad. She said...."Then I think I remember him!" I then pulled back and said, "See, here are his shirts we made in memory of him!" She read the scripture and said, "God will help you." I told her how much he has helped me, sustained me, answered my prayers, brought me victory, changed me, made me a better person......etc. She smiled and said that she was glad that I was doing ok. I told her "By God's Grace." And I meant every word of it.

As I was relaying the story to Jeff and Sallye, I realized, that John's legacy indeed lives on if her life is changed because of the story I told. OF the witness of God's Grace. Yes, John's legacy lives on. Praise His Holy Name!!!!

My hope and prayer is that each of you, when given the opportunity, will help his legacy live by witnessing about God's Grace, His Mercy, His love.

The kids are doing well. Praise Him. Matthew seems to love more than he ever loved before. Not just me...but the other kids. He has been so good. Just coming up and hugging me. Which is what John would do....and I missed so much. Now Matthew does. Sometimes its all I need. I still look for him to have a deeper relationship to Christ. He talks about how he now...with the exception of some blues singers named a John (I think) and a Buble (I think) will only listen to Christian music. It amazes me the changes I have seen in him. I know God can use many things, many people, music, bring people closer to him. I know that is what he is doing with Matthew.

Hannah had a great time in Vegas. I am glad to have her home. But friends, my prayer is that she have a relationship with Christ. I know it is probably typical, probably expected, but it seems she relies on her friends for everything. I long, I mean long, for her to really know the joy of serving the Lord. I wish He meant to her what her friends mean to her. My heart cries for that. Pray, pray, that somehow God speaks to her and she hears his voice. I keep remembering that scripture: The shepherd knows his sheep and His sheep know His voice." At this point I don't think she would know. She is at the age of accountability, I know. Maybe I haven't been the witness I should have been in the past. But, God help me now, I want to be, for her. So just pray that she begin to see something in me, in somebody, where she will know there needs to be a change in her life.

Isaac is doing okay. He misses his dad so much. It is starting to come out verbally more that he does. I mean he is actually saying it to people and to me, that he misses him. He is hurting. My baby is hurting. So guess what....I am hurting. I don't know how to help but to pray and ask you to pray. Jeff has done so much with him and for him. He has begun to kind of look up to and look to Jeff for a lot of things. O Lord, I pray that you just fill that hole with someone that can at least fill the needs he has. You all know how he and John were buds, best friends, especially in the summer...golfing, baseball, riding, etc.....hardly ever away from each other. Isaac is literally lost. Please pray for him.

Rach is doing okay. She, I believe is on the right track. I think God put her on the right track the day she was born!!!!! She seems to have a good outlook. I think sometimes she goes "there", but I think God comforts her in a way that only He and she knows.

Pray for us. I keep thinking that we are a family in the wilderness. I read somewhere that everyone of us will one day go through the wilderness...never believing God will bring us out....but like the Isrealites, He does. But, we have to go through it become better servants to and for God. We are in the wilderness. Pray that we learn, that we grow, that we don't give up....that we persevere.

This morning during my devotions, I was memorizing Psalm 91 and the song came on called (I think) By My Spirit. So, the words I was memorizing were, "He will rescue me from the traps of the enemy....." and then I was thinking of the next line and these words of the song I heard, "Mountains will be moved, I will build my temple in you, and all my promises WILL BE DONE!" I you realize how many promises he has given me!!!! Not only in this song...but in his word he tells us he keeps his promises!!!! I disgust myself with my lack of faith.

I am just going to throw this out there.....God forgive me if I shouldn't.....but you all know how John and I were big road bikers. We loved riding together. Well, Sallye has said that she will ride with me, along with many of the people who knew that my "riding partner" could no longer ride with me. But, this past summer, before John passed away, he had been looking for a bike for Isaac. Isaac has been asking me if he will get a bike to ride with me and Sallye. I want to get him one. I have looked on Craig's list, ebay, where ever I can look. Bless Kevin Beals heart. I send him pics of everything I he can look at it to see if it would be appropriate for Isaac. Because, quite honestly, I have no idea what I am looking for. John did all that. Anyway, I am just asking that if any of you know of someone that has a bike they want to sell, I would love to have a chance to buy it. I am not asking for a handout. I know they can be expensive. I am so willing to pay. But, if you could let Keven Beals know...his email is he knows what to look for. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you to all of you. It feels so good to talk with you. I told the lady at the tanning place yesterday about my blog. I told her that it allows me to say so much that I don't know how to say verbally to anyone else. I pour, literally pour myself out in this blog. So, I appreciate, you , my friends, that read faithfully. I love you.



Anonymous said...

That is really cool about the tanning place girl. :) You will probably experience that a bunch as you go out to places and they find out who you are. You guys are well loved. We were in a restaurant the other day and someone came in wearing the Griffis t-shirt. It was pretty cool. :)

I can't even tell you how happy I am to hear about Matthew and the way he's grown and changed. It sure puts a smile on my face. :)

I will continue to pray for all of you and pray that the other kids find their way as well. :)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

You should not feel disgusted with your lack of faith, so you stumbled, God picked you up and now you're closer to Him.
Love and Prayers.

Anonymous said...

Still reading and praying for you and the kids.

Anonymous said...

I was touched by your blog today. I read it often, but usually on my blackberry and it does not allow me to post comments.

I have thought and prayed for you often. I don't see you much anymore, but know that I still treasure our friendship and the many times we relied on one another for prayer.

Your faith is growing so much and I gain strength from your witness. Your inspire me to continue to be in the word.

I came across a picture of Mason and John on a first day of school, not sure what grade Mason was in. I will treasure that picture always. Mason is so tender hearted, he just sat and looked at it and cried. He loved John so much.

It is times like this that remind me of the impact you and John had on my kids upbringing. They are who they are because of the things you all taught them as well. THANK YOU for your faithfulness!

My prayers continue....