Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 18, 2010 Thursday

Janet...why do I smile whenever I see your name on here! Thanks for making me smile.

Especially after the adventure I have been on. I have decided that God does have a sense of humor. The kids and I left here Tuesday afternoon around 1 to head to Afton, Ok...what used to be Shang gri La (sp) resort. It has since changed names. Well, because we got lost several times Isaac said it took us 4 hours, Matthew said 3. I think it was suppose to be 2 and maybe 1/2. We finally got to our destination and discovered that everything was turned off when the lights wouldn't come on. And it was freezing in the house. So, I called the sweet person that was letting us use the house and they said that I needed to check that box that runs everything and make sure everything was on. So, I went out and clicked everything on that I thought we would use. No heat. We waited 20 min. no heat. So I called the person again they said to try a few different things so I did with no victory. So they told me to go down the street and ask the gentleman neighbor...he was used to helping them. So, I walked down there...sweet as he was..and he came and did all the thought to do. Then they suggested that I call a 24 hour heat and air man. Well, I didn't feel comfortable doing that without permission. So, I tried to call the person with no success. So Matthew suggested we go get something to eat and see if the heat would come on while we were gone. Well, you know how those resort towns are...everything shuts down during the cold months. So we found a conoco that had pizza and chicken!!!! We ordered pizza and I picked up a gallon of milk and somethings for breakfast. 3 bags of groceries and 2 14" pizzas cost us $60! We went back and ate pizza in the ....yep...COLD! Finally I tried the person again with no luck so I text them and told them that if I didn't hear from them in 10 min we were headed for a hotel.

I didn't hear from them, so we packed (with the kids moaning) everything up and headed to a hotel. Well, it was so dark in the countryside that we could hardly see far in front of us. So, we had to take it rather slow. Finally we got on the turnpike and 1 1/2 hours later we were unloading our things at a hotel there. Let me say...Isaac was still so chilled he took a shower. I jumped in bed and was out like a light.

Turned out good though. The boys ended up golfing at a course in Jenks and had a great time. Rach and I had a pedicure and did some shopping. It turned out to be a good day afterall.

We came home last night and today Gramps, Jonathon, Matthew and Isaac are going to go golfing today. Isaac wanted to stay at the hotel and golf in Tulsa at a place he hadn't golfed before. So, I promised him that if we came home that we would make sure he would golf somewhere that he hadn't golfed before. So he was okay with it.

I am taking Rachel to the swimming pool in Kingfisher today along with a bunch of moms and their kids from school. Rach loves swimming so she is looking forward to it.

I had my moments of missing John. Like with the furnace.....I almost cried thinking why am I having to do this? Alone? Then setting the boys up to golf ....I had no idea what I was doing. Plus, on the way up was just so lonely, we all knew and realized that He was missing. We all missed his joking laughing.

Then on the way home God protected we had prayed for his protection before we left....and later I found out that at dinner that night grams and gramps had prayed for traveling mercies.....Matthew was driving and was getting ready to change lanes and a car came up to his blind sign and we almost hit it. He swerved to miss it and the car just rocked back and forth...I said later I know we were on two wheels at one time. But he controlled it and I know that God was in control first.

Then as passed Hefner and parkway we passed Hefner and all I could think about was John and I riding our bikes and the tears began to roll. I hit my leg with my fist and just couldn't help to say why. I want one more ride with him!!!!!

I found a very sweet card from Neeley Jacobson. I will quote some of the things she stated to me. They are so moving and inspirational. I feel like God definitely spoke through her.

In II Corinthians the Lord spoke to me: Lord, it is you that makes me stand firm in Christ. You anointed me, set your seal of ownership on me and your spirit in my heart as a deposit guaranteeing what is to come.

Joshua 1:5 told me..No one will stand against me...for as YOU were with Moses, you are with me. You will never leave me or forsake me. I will be strong and courageous.

Funny...he gives you just what you need when you need it. I was feeling kind of down today. Feeling like a failure....feeling like I couldn't do this. But He knew. He has something wonderful in store for me. I just have to wait on Him.

I know one thing He has definitely called me to: TO BE LIKE HIM...IN HIS IMAGE. I know without a doubt he has called me to life of sincere commitment and servant hood. And I am ready to learn and do it. It is kind of exciting waiting for him to work and do his work in and through me.

Pray for Matthew....he may go climbing tomorrow. That always makes me nervous. But I do want to tell you how wonderful he has been. He was great on the trip. When I would start to lose it he would tell me to just settle down. He was great with the kids. Especially Isaac. I think he sees Isaac's needs. And he sure met them when they went golfing. He played with Rach and he loved on me. God is doing great things. My prayer is that he will desire a deeper relationship with Him.

Pray for Hannah. She is still in Vegas. She has called everyday and is having fun. She will return on Friday. Pray for her safety and protection. Pray that she will be convicted by His Spirit. I don't think she realizes that you need a personal relationship with Him. I pray that she will see the need and I know God will do the rest.

Pray for Isaac. My prayer for Isaac is that he would see himself through God's eyes. That he will have an obedient heart, not just for me but to our Lord. I think he is old enough to know. My prayer is that he will give up his will and allow God to work in him.

Be with Rach. Pray for her to allow God to work in that sweet tender heart. I believe with all my heart that he will use her to great things for Him. Help her to know His voice and be obedient even as young as she is.

Pray for our baby Emma. She is rallying. She is feeling better and they are hoping to giver her some liquids in the next couple of days. Pray for God's healing touch. He has brought her so far.

Pray for comfort for the Nimmo's and the Bumpus family. My prayer is that they will not look to man for all their help...but to find our Saviour in this. It is hard I know...and I know I am not there totally....but we are on a journey....find Him in it.

Thanks for reading....and more importantly, your comments. They mean so much to me.

Love you all,


Anonymous said...

Neale Donald Walsch; "Memories bring up moments that are past whereas happiness is always found in the moment that is here, now. Don't let sad memories rob you of your present happiness."
It sounds like that is what you did the first of the week with the kids, lived in the momen that was here. You have great kids, who will do great things with their lives, enjoy them. Still praying for you and the family. Pat

Anonymous said...


I am so glad that you guys got to go somewhere! Even though it seemed like sort of a fiasco you were making memories! Good ones! It will never be the same for you or the kids but you are pressing on and I am so proud of you for that! The Lord has sifted you and now you are beginning to shine for Him like you never have before! Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us who read this!

Love you!
Kori Bussert

Kristie said...

Saundra, it was good to see you today ... I wish we could have visited more, but its so LOUD in that place! Happy to hear you made the best of a bad situation over Spring Break .... I'm sure it will be something to look back on and laugh about later. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've had a good spring so far. Have fun with your family, since Hannah will be home tomorrow maybe you could do something all together.
Love and Prayers.

Grace Smith said...

Still praying.

Grace Smith said...

Still praying.

JJ said...

What a crazy, fun trip packed full of strength and memories. I am so proud of you! You did it. Although it is forever different, you are honoring John in your commitment to the kids and living a life to the fullest. I think back to the goofy trips we had as kids, and the one that stands out was a time we had a bat in the cabin! Your kids will always remember this and love you so much for your efforts, not the outcome. Still praying and reading. You give me strength and hope. Thanks so much.