Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan 11, 2010 pm

To work this blog into my schedule...because I am not going to give up devotions, I have decided that I will blog in the evening.

It was hard getting off to school. It was truly the hand of God that guided me by his hand. Little things tend to set me off into tears. I was really doing fine until I got to the corner of the school and that little building that sets on the corner of the church lot. They just put a new roof on it. I just looked at that roof and started crying. I sat in the car for a bit to get control. Prayed for strength and help. I made my way into the school....and took a big breath. Mr. Aaron Toler was in the teachers work room. I came in sniffling and more less crying. I know he didn't know what to do or say. I just stood there for a minute, blowing my nose and crying. Then, God gave me control.

The day was pretty good. Little things would bring tears to my eyes. Moments, places, people....its all there. But, Praise His Name I made it. I made it. It was hard putting a smile on my face for the kids. Sometimes I just couldn't do it. I couldn't bring a smile. But I hoped and prayed that they understood.

My house is a disaster to say the least right now. Joe is going to town. I am looking forward to the change. He is such a sweet man. I can sense God in him.

Went to Isaac's game tonight. He did well. I was proud of him. It was so sweet of Sallye and Jeff to come and watch. They have their own family, yet they have taken so much time with us. I pray that in some very big way God will Bless them beyond their wildest imaginations!

JJ...Thanks for reading and sharing my blog. I appreciate your prayers.

Jeff. I would be honored, John would be honored for you to use him as an example. But make sure God receive the Glory. John was who and what he was because of the example of Jesus. He wanted to be like Jesus. He wanted to emulate Christ in all his actions and words. I believe he succeeded and is receiving his reward in Heaven.

Jadean, I never meant for you to do all that for me. I appreciate it though. Just let me know what I need to do. You are so sweet.

Lisa, It was good to hear from you. Apologize to your mom for me. She called one day and I saw her name on my caller i.d. But I was having a very bad day. I just couldn't bring myself to answer it. Please tell her how sorry I am. When I feel I can, I will call her. Make sure she knows I love her very much. I hope she understands. Thanks for reading my blog and staying informed for all of you up there. But mainly, thanks for your prayers and support.

Matthew said NSI was not as bad as he had expected. He knew some people there so that helped things out a bit. I am glad. He is sitting on the couch helping Rach with her homework right now. What a sight for me to see. He is being so patient and gentle with her. Just like John would have been. God answers prayers.....Matthew is proof!

Prayer requests;
That God would help me again tomorrow as things come and go...that I will turn each over to him.

That God would continue to work in Matthews life. Not just softening his heart, but beginning a work in him that will bring God glory.

That God would do a work in Rachel, Isaac and Hannahs life also. That he would begin to teach them his ways. That they will learn what it is to walk in his way...and desire that way.

Peace, wisdom, knowledge for everyday life.

Jay and Marilyn and Dawn and her extended family

Our little white truck.........

I love you all so much. Even the people I don't know. I love you. Thanks for reading, praying and commenting. I love you.


Grace Smith said...


In the rush of my yesterday, God reminded me of your family as I passed the very building you mentioned with the new roof.

After a quick memory of spending time with Jenna at ceramics class in that building, I noticed the new roof and then thought of your family and whispered, or actually "thought" a prayer for your family.

I prayed that the renovations taking place under your new roof, wouldn't hurt so much.

This happened in the time it took for another car to pass through the intersection. Isn't it wonderful to know that prayer can happen in a moment... privately and unspoken? God hears each prayer the same.

Little did I know, how that little building started your day and what a huge day you had gone through.

I pray now that as you go through the moments and pass the people and places that remind you of John, will become an instant prayer that God will help you through.

I continue to focus on your specific requests... your family, your work, your little white truck. The big ones that seem impossible and the little ones that sting.

Praise God for the answered prayers and those still to be answered.

Psalms 5:3 My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

I continue you and the children in prayer. May God give you strength today. Love you,Pat

Marydon Ford said...

G'morn, Saundra ~ Rebecca shared with me, of your loss. Prayers are lifted for you & your family ... & his soul.

I find that God carries us thru the most interesting moments of life ... giving us the strength we need ... our friends bring such support & comfort ...

May you know that I send heart loving thoughts & prayers.

Come join me, as I am you ...
TTFN ~ Marydon

Anonymous said...

Saundra, so thankful God walked through your day with you. God knows our every need and is always a step ahead of us...awesome.

Still praying for Matthew and marvel, at God's work in him.

I know you never meant for me to do anything and really I'm not. I just put feet to my prayers. I'm praying everything works out.

Continuing to pray for each of your requests. I'm especially praying for Jay and Marilyn and Jay's health.

Have a wonderful day in the Lord.


Anonymous said...

As you return to the school to work, I can envision you being a faithful witness for Jesus to the students you work with. May God bless you as you move on.
Love, Madalyn Long

Anonymous said...

I hope you come to the place where you feel better being at school. I know everyone is so excited to see you! You and your family have my love and support, let me know if you need anything, anything at all.
Love and Prayers.