Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thurs Jan 21, 2010

I made it! The day is gone and I made it!

I am really leaning on the scripture in Isaiah about the shepherd and his lamb. That is where I want to to his heart.

I had my up and downs today but was able to handle it pretty well. When I went into the work room for lunch there was an article that someone had copied out of a sports magazine that I assume all coaches get. It is an Oklahoma sports magazine about coaches and the players. And there, at the top of the Copied article were the words:From members of his boys and girls golf teams, to students in his class to the teachers around him, Bethany's John Griffis was one of the most incredible people they say they ever met.

The second heading said this: A guy who hated tense situations. That is probably why he left a profession as an attorney in 1995, to mold young minds of the future. Griffis strived to make whoever was around him laugh whether it was with a "blonde joke: or a crazy outfit on costume day. To everyone who knew him,he lived his life the way we all should, never taking it too seriously and always having fun. Griffis tragically died Nov. 20 days after he fell from a ladder while working on his roof, but to everyone in Bethany High School, they'll always remember what he preached.

Then there are questions from the story writer to Mr Hawk, Kendall Ridings, Callee Cox, Mr Broughton,and Mr Brown. They answered the questions honestly and with great feelings.

I believe the name of the magazine is VYPE. I have never heard of it before. But it is an article worth looking at. It has pictures of John and some of the teachers, him dressed up as an old man standing next to Isaac, etc....It was a very good article and made me so proud of the man he was....and still is.

I was worried, as I mentioned this morning about fixing and eating. God answered. Janene Brown invited me and the kids over for dinner. It was wonderful and fun. We had a great time. I want to thank them for taking the time out of their schedule to meet our needs!

Well, better help Rach with her Study her Science. Just wanted to fill you in on my day.

By the way...Matthew was very discouraged at how he played today for qualifying. So bad he said that he didn't want to talk about it. And he has not. He was really down. Pray for him. That God will life him up and encourage him. That what ever his problem is, that he will be able to figure it our and improve his game.

Pray for a good night sleep. I am so tired.

I love you all...thanks for reading...for your comments, for your prayers,


Kristie said...

Baby steps, baby steps ... but it sounds like they are all in the right direction! I am very pleased to know that seeing the article brought you pride and happiness .... I think that is a huge step forward, and a genuine honor to John's memory. :)

Anonymous said...

Praying for a restful sleep for you tonight. Pat

Jenna said...

that article just reiterates the fact that he led a legacy! i was so proud to be able to stand as a part of that legacy. keep on pushing forward! :]

Anonymous said...


It was so good to finally meet with you Wednesday night and to share our hearts. I get concerned I talk too much. Think it is a result of not having Jim around to talk to anymore and when I get around other adults, I let it fly.

I always go away from meeting other women in our situation learning from their experiences and thankful that I will survive with the Lord's help. I hope we can meet again and that you will join our "Common Threads" times.

One last thing I forgot to encourage you to do is read Psalm 77. My widow friend, Heather, shared it with me the other night. Amazing chapter of how someone experiences pain and wonders about God's presence but then comes out remembering and rejoicing.

I am still praying. It is nice to have a face to put with my prayers now.


Becky Beals

Tollya said...


I found the link for the VYPE magazine article online. It's It's on page 37-38 of Central Oklahoma January 2010 issue.

What a great tribute to John!


Anonymous said...

It is so nice to hear you talking positively about your day. I'm glad to read it! I will pray for you and that you will be well rested.
Love and Prayers.