Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 9, 2010

Well this will have to be short. Hannah has a game at 1o. It is already 9:14. I anticipate I will be late anyway.

Yesterday was a good day. Went to the school to see if I would qualify for reduced lunches. Found out someone had beat me to it and had paid for my kids lunches through the rest of the year. They wanted to remain anonymous...but I want to thank you, thank you and thank you. I pray for a great blessing to you from Our Lord.

Matthew...(yes Matthew) went with Hannah, Marilyn and myself to look for dresses for Hannah. Tell me that isn't God at work. I don't know a brother who would do that without God's prodding him. He was fun to be with....said few words...but gave nods and shakes when needed. She did get a dress. Not one that I would have picked...or Marilyn. I guess we are too old fashioned. It needs some modesty work on it that Grams said she could do. AND....I had to pay much more than I had intended. I asked her if she could wear it to the winter thingy. She was appalled that I would ask such a question. So I will have to do this all over again!

I was so tired by the time my head hit the pillows I'm sure I could have went to bed without meds. But I hate waking at I took them....and I was out until morning. Had a goodnight sleep.

After Hannahs game we are going to Sam's to get some things...samples maybe??? And then I am off to Crest. I had such a hard time going that first time...but Sandy went with me and it helped. I really feel better about going this time. I still miss John....our fun Saturday mornings, and I will miss him at Crest. But I know I can do it.

My prayer requests are the pretty much the same....
Matthew, Hannah,,,,that they would Begin to hear God calling them to a closer relationship to Our Father. How important it is.

Isaac and Rachel..that they too, will begin to gain an understanding of what a walk with our Lord means.

Our Little white truck is still in limbo. Please pray the people involved will be able to get it working.

That God will help me to make the decisions on the will that I have to make. To give me his desire and to make it clear to me.

That he will walk with me all day and I will definitely feel his presence.

That he will begin to prepare me to return to work on Monday. Prepare my mind....and to give me strength to do it.

Thanks for your prayers,


Anonymous said...

Saundra, God does work in mysterious ways...Matthew going shopping with you for Hannah a dress. That would not have happened a few weeks ago. Thank you Jesus!

I will pray especially for you today as you do your Saturday errands.

I will continue, as I've stated before, to pray for you and the kids, as you begin to get into a new routine.

God be with you today and always.

Jadean Murray

Anonymous said...

Praise God! That's awesome that Matthew went and things went well. I'm so happy for you! :) I know what you mean about it not being the dress you'd pick though! haha! We had a heck of a time last year trying to find a dress for Kayla for spring formal. I'm not looking forward to that this year! :)

I'm so happy about the good things going on and I pray that they continue and become the norm. :)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Heavenly, Father -

Thank you for good days! Thank you giving Saunie a day of just resting and trusting in YOU. Lord, no matter how long I serve You, your infinite ability to lead your faithful servants to do meet Saunie's needs before she even asked - like the school lunches - oh, Lord, how we praise you today. Lord, I praise your Matthew and his openess to allow you inside. I praise you for listening to our prayers and answering in a tangible way. Lord, I praise you because in our weakness you are strong. I praise you because you are working in big and small ways. Father, as Saunie reads this prayer, I lift her to you. Meet her right where she is and reveal yourself to her in the way only you can. Father, You are amazing. You are divine! I give you praise today. I raise this precious family to you and pray for your touch to be upon them this day.

I love you, Saunie.

Anonymous said...

Little by little you are sounding stronger. I won't even recognize you when I see you. Oh wait, we have never met. :) I look forward to that day and to celebrate with you the prayers that have been answered on your behalf and your children's behalf.

I was awakened this morning VERY CLEARLY with this scripture: "Your heavenly Father knows you have need of these things." I got my Bible out and read Matthew 5-6. Many things there to remind me that God DOES care for me and He WILL provide for me. He is doing the same for you. The pain is still there but the provision is there also.

Keep looking to God to fill the hole that is vast in you and your family.

I keep praying. It makes me smile to read how Matthew is changing. That is a God-thing.


Anonymous said...

I picked up a calendar and this not fell out....

"I lay my 'why's' before Your Cross
in worship kneeling. My mind too numb for thought, My heart beyond all feeling; and worshipping, realize that I, in knowing You, don't need a 'why'.

--Ruth Bell Graham


Anonymous said...

Barnes & Noble has a small piece of wood with the lyrics of "Amazing Grace" on it. I know it was his favourite. It might be difficult for you, but would you and your family like one?
Love and Prayers.