Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thurs Jan be honest I don't know...maybe 7

I first want to take time to thank each and every one of you who take time to sit and read my blog, when I know there are so many other things that call your name. Yet you take time. Thank you so much.

I was overwhelmed today when i opened the page and saw I had 13 comments. How blessed I am that God has called you to help carry me through prayer and encouraging words. Thank you so much.

I met with a friend yesterday morning. It was good. She has carried me through many times when I didn't think I would make it. She just listened ....a lot. I found myself talking ....alot. It was good to share things about John (I hadn't seen her for at least 5 years). Course, the tidal wave still pushed its way through, but she listened. I had a great time.

Most of you have probably realized by now that I am not returning to school until Monday now. Would you just pray that God would begin to strengthen and prepare me for that?

I took Isaac and Rach to lunch yesterday. We came to the house. They ate and watched t.v. I hate that I can't bring myself to sit at "our" table yet. But I is one step at a time. They love coming home for lunch. I love being with them.

I was kind of worried about the afternoon. Pray for Jay. He is having trouble getting his blood pressure meds controlled as well as his diabetes under control. So Marilyn is under a lot of pressure. She and I share a lot, and we talked one time....when our little white truck broke down...and I was beside myself. And I said, "You know...normally these would be little things...but piled on top of everything else and all the grief and makes it more than you think you can bear". That was where Marilyn was yesterday.

So,between me having a tidal wave, and her dealing with that issue, I knew it wasn't a good idea for us to be together. I knew she needed some rest. So, I would be here alone. Well, not alone...Matthew would be here...but in his room.

But, God heard your prayers, God heard our prayers....when I brought Isaac home for lunch, Matthew came and unlocked the door for us and the first thing he did was hug me! HE HUGGED ME!!!!! That was literally the first hug he has given me since the service.! And it was a big one!!!! A tight one. Then he ate out here with Isaac, and then....for the rest of the afternoon sat in the recliner and talked little things with me....just little, small talk. But he talked to me! We played with the dogs.....I felt like I had a son again.

That my friends.....was/is an answer to prayers. Now, I know this may not happen for a while again....but I believe in my heart that God is changing Matthew....little by little. Please don't stop praying for him. God is listening.

We ate dinner at Marilyns while Hannah went to look AT dresses. She brought pictures back and we enjoyed looking at them. I just hope that she and I can come together on one. I am worried about that.

Then we came home. The tear in my chest was big, but I was holding it in. Rach had homework...math..which I am terrible at. That was of course she and Johns thing. So Matthew...who takes after his dad in math...helped her. Isaac had a History quiz to study for. We studied for 15 minutes then had a blow up. I just don't know why we can't study together. So, he got his anger out, I , mine. And we began again. I was really trying hard. At one point I wasn't understanding what he was asking, he wasn't understanding that I wasn't understanding him and he said some hurtful things. I was quiet. Trying to decide what to do. I couldn't let him talk to me the way he was talking to me.....yet I wanted to help him study. I finally got up, took his paper to him and said, "I'm sorry, I can't let you talk to me like that". And turned around and walked away.

He went to the kitchen and kept saying hateful things. I told him I was done with him for the night, that he needed to go to bed, and he could not play any of his ps3. He said a few more things and left.

I was sick to my stomach. I hate conflict. I hate it. Later, beds made on the floor, in our jammies, I went into his room and he was just lying there...I said, "Isaac, mommy is sorry. We HAVE to come to a way where we can study together. We can't do it this way." I don't know what the answer is.

As I lay my head down...I just thought...I can't do this without John. I can't. I wasn't made to be be without him. That was my last thought as my medicine put me into a sound sleep. But it was my first thought this morning.

I told him this morning that I was sorry again. I asked if he wanted to try to study before he left...and we were going to...but he ran out of time. I hope he does well or I will feel so horrible.

Devotions actually lifted my spirits this morning. God encouraged me....In Psalm 19...
words that spoke to me were...(first I need to tell you that when I read from His word I then write it in my journal as if He is speaking directly to me...or I to Him) this morning....
The Lord will answer me when I am in distress, he will protect me. He sends help from His sanctuary and grants me support from Zion.

He will give me the desire of my heart and make all my plans succeed. I will shout for joy when I am victorious and I will lift up banners....shouts of joy in the name of my God. God will grant all my requests.

The Lords saves me...he answers me from this holy heaven with the saving power of his right hand. (These words I changed, because I felt them so true)

Some trust in money, objects, people, things...but I trust in the name of the Lord my God. He will raise me up and I will stand firm. He will answer me when I call.

Some of you I am sure are reading that...then reading His word and not getting the same interpretation...but these are God's words to me. This is what I needed to hear from Him today. He may speak to you in a different way to meet you at your need. But He helped me today.

The Paint Man....Joe Cuningham came by yesterday...he is going to paint pretty much every room in my house. I shared with him that in a way....John gave his life for that. He had wanted to roof the house himself to save money so that he could improve the inside....and pay off some bills. Though John can't see is getting done...what he wanted. Pray that God Bless Joe and his family.

Jadean, thank you for reminding me that John would want me to make this the most exciting and fun thing for Hannah. I am going to try. As hard as it is.....I want her to feel very special at this time. And enjoy this time.

JP...I don't need to know you. I do need to know that you are praying for us. That is all I need. Thank you for praying for us....for being faithful.

Janna....It was good to see you on here. You have been such a sweet person through all of this. God has certainly used you in ways I would never had imagined. Keep praying. And thanks for sharing.

Brad....I don't remember Megan. I'm sorry. Only until this year...working at the school, did I begin to know the Middle School kids. But I wanted to thank you for the comment....for the prayers, and even for the thoughts...I believe thoughts turn into prayers. Thank you so much for sharing with me.

Becky, my heart was really touched and moved when you said that your mission was still Matthew. That meant so much to me. To know that you have taken him on specifically. Oh, I know you care for the others...I know that. But to know that you have made him a very special person in your life touched my heart. Thank you for praying for him. You read already...God is listening...the thing is...he isn't please...don't' stop.

SB....I don't need to know you. I was curious. All I ask is for prayer....and you said you are doing that. That's all I want. Thank you.

For my prayer warriors....
Pray for Matthew...He meets with his SNU advisor today. Pray that all goes well.

We still need a little money for his tuition. Pray that those involved (scholarships, grants, etc) will find the money to help him.

Pray that God will continue to call Matthew to Him. That Matthew will begin to have a desire for Christ in his life. That he will see the need for that personal relationship. That he will want to spend time with us...with Isaac....especially. Isaac longs for that. He keeps asking him to play basketball with him, or go to the gym, golf course etc...and Matthew just wont. He doesn't understand. Please pray that this bond begin to mold together.

Pray for Hannah to have a good time with this whole Homecoming court thing. Help things to fall together easily for her. That I have patience and understanding. That I do all I canto help her enjoy it.

Pray for Rach. I dear family, whose daddy takes his sweet 6th grader to breakfast every Friday a.m. has asked Rachel to join them. Rachel agreed, but was unsure at the same time. I know that this man cannot take the place of John, he knows it also. But it gives Rach that person, that time, that maybe she can share things that she may not share with anyone else. Pray that this daddy...of all girls....will know, recognize, and see Rachel's needs and be there for her as much as possible for him. Pray that God be in that whole situation.

Pray for Isaac. and me. Help me to know what I can do to make studying a better and easier time for us. We had been getting along so well with each other....and I feel like this just set us back so much. Pray that God will give me an answer to how I can make studying with him a more enjoyable time...a more productive time.

Pray for the people working on our white truck. It is the transmission. They are looking at quotes, trying to do the best they can for us. God has a way and an answer.

Then, last night, on the way home from he mall, Hannah said that the windshield wiper literally flew off the saturn. She drove home the rest of the way very slowly she said. We laughed about it at first. But needs to be fixed. I don't know what exactly happened to it. But we need windshield wipers on it obviously. If someone could let me know who could work on that for me I would appreciate it.

Me....just pray that the tidal wave will stay out in the ocean today. I don't mind the waves....but I am weary.

Thanks to all of you for all you do for me in your comments and prayers. Don't give up. God has a lot of work to do....I have a long time before I am out of this wilderness.

PS. mentioned printing all these blogs and comments...I never thought of that. They would be helpful to many, to me, to my kids. Does anyone know how I can print these without having to do them one at a time?


Anonymous said...

God hears the prayers, he is working in your life, I see it in your writings.
When I lost my husband someone told me "In grief "normal" is not a set state for all to experience. "Normal" is the freedom to feel what you feel and react like you react. "Normal" is doing it your way."
God is with you and will help you and the children. Pat

Anonymous said...

Saundra, it's me again. How it hurts to hear (see) your pain.

I think God for Matthew's attempt to open up, if only a corner of his hurt...himself. Don't be concerned if he draws back into that corner. It may be his personality to "come and go" for awhile. Does that make sense? JUST remember to leave him at Jesus' feet. Take from him what he offers and be happy for that moment. I believe he'll do it more and more.

I'm sorry but I had to chuckle a bit about you helping Isaac with his history. I have an 11 y/o grandson, and God forbid if I had to help him study...we would both be at odds also. I think it's that age. :)

So glad you did not take offense when I said to 'try' and really enjoy Hannah's honor. I just know John is pleased with how you are handling things.

I pray for all the Griffis family, but will especially pray for Jay that he can get his meds working in his favor.

Let me think on printing the blogs. I have your address, but not your phone number...I would like that, if you are comfortable giving it to me.

I will continue to read and comment, as long as you go through this process. Your family is that important to me.

Jadean Murray

Anonymous said...

It makes me smile to think of you and Matthew hugging each other like that. :) I'm so happy about that!!

I'm sorry that you and Isaac came to blows. I pray that you are able to figure out a good way to study together. But don't feel bad - it's not right for him to talk badly to you and you did nothing wrong by stopping it. If you let him continue he will continue to treat you that way. If you stop it, he will stop. Even though it's hard you're doing the right thing. :) Just make sure that if it's his grief coming out that you see it for that and try not to take it personally - not that it makes it right but it is a little more understandable. Does that make sense?

Thank you for sharing so much of what's going on with everyone in the family. It makes it so easy to pray for you guys that way. :)

Thank you for your sweet words. I'm here for whatever you need. I love you!!


sheila said...

Saundra,I came from Kristie's blog and am delurking to comment a little (maybe God is nudging me). I cried when I read about Matthew hugging you. Maybe he has closed himself off as protection against losing any more people that he loves. I will keep praying that he comes back to you. When I was a kid and then when my daughter was a teenager, it was easy to blow up at the people you live with, because you know it's safe. They won't get mad and not talk to you, like friends might if you blow up at them. I have not experienced a loss like yours, but I hope and pray that your bad times with get fewer, more of the better times will fill in and eventually, you will only get one of those waves that just make you bob in the water a bit but not pull you under.

Anonymous said...

If you need it, or Isaac, I would love to help with history, only say the word. I hope that you are beginning to feel better about being in your own home, even though it was a home that you and your family shared with John. Time heals, it really does, and with God anything is possible.
My priest tells me "God always answers your prayers, sometimes it's yes, sometimes no, or the most upsetting, wait."
I think the most frustrating part is the wait. I know you can get through this, but it will definitely take time.
Love and Prayers, as always.

Rebecca said...

Thanking God along with you for Matthew's LOVING HUG!

Isn't it amazing how wonderful the things we once took for granted can become fresh and new again.

God will make a way when there seems to be no way...

Bless you...praying every day.

In Grace~Rebecca

Anonymous said...

I can help w/ the windshield wipers. Please email me at and we can exchange phone numbers. I just like a couple blocks away and can look at it today or Friday or Saturday, whatever works for you. I want to help in any way I can.

I am continually praying for you all.

-Mindy S

Anonymous said...


I wouldn't think of stopping. People haven't stopped praying for me and my children. My kids have prayed for your kids. And I have a Freshman daughter at SNU who has written to Matthew. Who knows, maybe the Lord will allow a friendship to grow between two people who lost their daddies at way too young an age.


Anonymous said...

Saun (sb)

Hope that you'll get "Out of the Wilderness" soon! You should have someone print out the blogs and comments, put them in a binder with the cover to say "Out of the Wilderness"

Anonymous said...

As I stated before, I don't know you personally, but I have a daughter in 6th grade this year. I just want you to know that I will continue to pray for you and your family. I do not know your exact pain that you are going through but I do know this.... that God will carry you through this time that is so extremely hard for you. I have to admit that I shed alot of tears when reading your post. I pray that Matthew will continue to share those special hugs with you and that he will find peace in his heart, that of Jesus Christ. Hannah, enjoy every special moment that you can with her, Mr. Griffis wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Isaac, I feel that it is his age, you are a smart, strong woman with God on your side, he will help you figure out the best way for you and Isaac to study together. And Rachel, I think that it would be good if she felt comfortable enough to go to breakfast with this dad and his child, it wouldn't be her daddy but it might give her the peace of mind that her daddy's love is always there in her heart. I will pray for Jay and his medicine issue, it will all level out. And for you Mrs. Griffis I will continue to pray for you to have the strength to get through this time. When you feel the weakest turn to God and he will carry you. It will be a long process for you, but you have so many prayers going out to you and your family and you have God on your side. Just know that that you are loved by many, many people. I will continue to follow your blog as long as you post. In Christ, Lillie Hernandez